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What is this PartPay revolution? July 11 2017, 0 Comments

Have you been wanting to order but had to put it off because of funds and timing? 
We have the perfect solution for you! 
Have you seen PartPay? 
It's a new solution where you can purchase what you need now, pay a 25% deposit and the rest off over 4 payments. There is no interest and no fees....just make your regular payments using your debit card! 
It's super easy and so helpful! 

 If you want to know more, or read their terms and conditions, click the link here and check them out! 

We are pretty happy to have joined PartPay in New Zealand and to be able to make this offer to our Fly Fishing community. You can now afford premium quality flies (at our great prices) and be out on the water before completing your payment(s). Custom orders and the larger boxed sets can now be yours without waiting.

Shout out for advice June 03 2017, 0 Comments

The wheel turns and now I am looking for people to share their experience and how they found a fix.

As most of our friends know, we moved on from the old Windsor Lodge in December 2015. New and wonderful doors were opened to us and, after 'paying-forward' for some 30 years, the unexpected rewards came flooding in.

In particular, the last ten years were hard slog and sacrifice that has now resulted in a great lifestyle, time with friends and offers to travel the world and stay with people we met over those years.

It doesn't come without a couple of hiccups and this is where our 'shout-out' comes in.

After having owned a web domain for some 10 years and nurturing it all that time, we let it go and lay dormant. The biggest mistake was actually not maintaining ownership and having it lapse. A clever chap in Sweden (maybe), has now re-birthed the domain and used content from the old site. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to annoy people. The guy who is the registered owner will not respond to any contacts so we are a little frustrated.

Just recently, the old Lodge and business was resurrected and the new operators have taken umbrage at the new website ( despite the fact they had the opportunity to nab the domain prior to it's re-birth). I do feel for them to a point but this is where due diligence comes in. The expectation that you would 'own' past hard work and development when only buying the Real Estate is non-existent. If purchasing the business, it would come with all the trimmings including a huge customer-base, intellectual property and possibly goodwill and blessings. In this case, not the case. All the trimmings would come about by negotiation at sale. If, in their hearts, they believe by buying the buildings from the owners they were entitled to everything then what happened to due diligence? We never passed on any permissions or entitlement to the business content.

This where we ask if anyone else has experienced a similar situation and found a way to pull down a website that was infringing upon your content. Of course we can engage costly 'experts' but they will most likely not find a way to sort it. We are happy to move on but the little niggle that is occurring with the presumption that we are responsible needs sorting. Most people out there place a huge value on their integrity foremost. From that comes the rewards from being in business for yourself and it must be protected. 

Let us know how you overcame that hurdle and continued with your success!


New Year, New Location and Lots more Flies January 05 2017, 0 Comments

Welcome to 2017!

At the beginning of last year, I moved our physical store to the Chelmswood Motel in Taupo. This came about after our old home and Lodge was closed by the property owners who were wishing to sell it. Some 14 months later the Lodge remains empty, unsold and a little sad and neglected. The opportunity for us to retire (maybe) came about with much sadness but we bounced back very quickly with a sweet little management position in Taupo. Offers to move elsewhere around the country were extremely tempting but we felt like we couldn't leave Taupo just yet.

Twelve months later we are settled at the Chelmswood Motel and have our store just about the way we envisioned. I have retail stock on display and have all of the materials we need in place to continue turning out our premium flies for a while to come yet. Our material stock has just grown exponentially after being gifted a lifetime supply of feathers and furs from my mentor Niven Murch of Rakaia. Niven has always wanted to pass on his studio to me and I finally relented after our holiday with him just prior the Christmas. 

Over the coming months, we will also be displaying Niven's cane rod collection which include some Edgar Sealeys, Allcocks, and Horricks-Ibbitson. They join my Hogarth (1946) and they are all in great condition.

We have lost count of the number of flies that we now have in our range and we will continue to introduce new variants as time goes on. Last year we had some interesting requests for custom ties and we are happy to take on the challenge. The long awaited trend towards smaller flies is growing momentum and this is quite pleasing. The best practise of going smaller is proving effective in the Taupo waters and we are happy to tie the smaller nymphs in particular.

Get in touch if you want to chat about your needs and we look forward to helping out.

Rich at Silvereye Flies

Instruction Videos September 30 2016, 0 Comments

I have brought over a few instructional videos that were carried on the old format website. They have always been popular with young and old alike and great for going back to when you feel like your action is a bit ragged. These videos break it all right back down to the start and help simplify what you are trying to achieve.

Why SilvereyeFlies? July 23 2015, 0 Comments

Why SilvereyeFlies?

The journey to become SilvereyeFlies began a long time ago and, back then, we had absolutely no idea it would come to this!

Back in 1997, a block of land was nabbed and a lovely home erected (as you do). It was in the beautiful Bonnells Bay, Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. Our street name? Silvereye Close. We have held on to that name through the years and our NZ Company carries the name. In Oz, we think that we never, ever saw a Silvereye but now they flit around outside our Office windows and in our fruit trees. It may be ironic but it seems like it was meant to be.

Our fly-tying business seems to be the sum of all our experiences in life to date. Everything seemed to be pointing us in this direction but again, as you do, we didn’t see the signs as they aren’t always evident or flashing. So here we are!

This is difficult to write without reference to other business’ but we think it best to just let them slide…all you guys out there in business will more than understand.

In all business’ or trades there are Big Boys and ‘the rest’. We are proud to be in ‘the rest’ category and don’t aspire to be a Big Boy at all. Want to be a pain in their side (or elsewhere) for sure but want to keep it real.

SilvereyeFlies was born of neccessity as it turns out…..again, the Big Boys tend to dictate the market as usual but we wanted to be a little different and, in dealing with Clients face to face, be confident in the product and not duck questions or advice. The usual Retail trail is buy from the wholesaler at $x and sell for $y (fixed/recommended). Nah…not on! We retail for less than their wholesale and provide a higher quality, reliable and specialised product. That was the simple premise on what we founded SilvereyeFlies on. Our Stores online and in person, offer the same thing for our punters…..don’t buy if you have a question and have it answered before you jump in! 

Whilst it is lovely to have our flies reaching to all parts, it is also nice to chat about the purchases you are going to make. We take a lot of pride in our products and get quite a lift from happy endings (snaps of landings, trophies regardless of size, and that first fish!). 

There are many ways to have Silvereye Flies in your kit…so check out our online stores at and Facebook. Failing all that, drop us a line and we will have a chat. Rich, Sandy and Gerald welcome you.