My Fly Fishing Trout Fly selection for Taupo.

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For anyone who has visited or read about Lake Taupo in New Zealand, you will be aware of the amazing options for fishing in the area; all within an hour’s drive from any of the villages in the area you can find your ideal fishing spot.

To be prepared before you go out on your trip you can visit any of the fine supply stores in the area including Hamills in Taupo. Another way is to take a moment and research the streams, lakes and rivers online (and there are many of them!).

I am going help you with a shortcut and just recommend packing your fly-box with my Top Ten flies for your day out. It is a versatile selection to cover most of your Taupo experience and you will find there are variants for each my selections so you can really build up your collection. Just click on each fly for a better look.

Dry Flies:

#1: Adams Superfly

#2: Brown Beetle

#3: Cicada



#4: Copper John

#5: Prince

#6: Elk Hair Caddis



#7: Woolly Bugger

#8: Ginger Mick

#9: Green Orbit

#10: Yellow Lady


There are no real surprises in this selection and the temptation to nominate some other flies was there. What would happen then is a Top 80 or something like that! We all have our opinions particularly when it comes to seasonal influence so I have tried to be general with this selection. In future ramblings, I will talk about the awesome winter fishing to be had then summer fishing on rivers like the Tongariro.

Be safe and take care on the waters once we are able to return after Covid-19.

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