Why SilvereyeFlies?

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Why SilvereyeFlies?

The journey to become SilvereyeFlies began a long time ago and, back then, we had absolutely no idea it would come to this!

Back in 1997, a block of land was nabbed and a lovely home erected (as you do). It was in the beautiful Bonnells Bay, Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. Our street name? Silvereye Close. We have held on to that name through the years and our NZ Company carries the name. In Oz, we think that we never, ever saw a Silvereye but now they flit around outside our Office windows and in our fruit trees. It may be ironic but it seems like it was meant to be.

Our fly-tying business seems to be the sum of all our experiences in life to date. Everything seemed to be pointing us in this direction but again, as you do, we didn’t see the signs as they aren’t always evident or flashing. So here we are!

This is difficult to write without reference to other business’ but we think it best to just let them slide…all you guys out there in business will more than understand.

In all business’ or trades there are Big Boys and ‘the rest’. We are proud to be in ‘the rest’ category and don’t aspire to be a Big Boy at all. Want to be a pain in their side (or elsewhere) for sure but want to keep it real.

SilvereyeFlies was born of neccessity as it turns out…..again, the Big Boys tend to dictate the market as usual but we wanted to be a little different and, in dealing with Clients face to face, be confident in the product and not duck questions or advice. The usual Retail trail is buy from the wholesaler at $x and sell for $y (fixed/recommended). Nah…not on! We retail for less than their wholesale and provide a higher quality, reliable and specialised product. That was the simple premise on what we founded SilvereyeFlies on. Our Stores online and in person, offer the same thing for our punters…..don’t buy if you have a question and have it answered before you jump in! 

Whilst it is lovely to have our flies reaching to all parts, it is also nice to chat about the purchases you are going to make. We take a lot of pride in our products and get quite a lift from happy endings (snaps of landings, trophies regardless of size, and that first fish!). 

There are many ways to have Silvereye Flies in your kit…so check out our online stores at SilvereyeFlies.com and Facebook. Failing all that, drop us a line and we will have a chat. Rich, Sandy and Gerald welcome you.

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