New Year, New Location and Lots more Flies January 05 2017, 0 Comments

Welcome to 2017!

At the beginning of last year, I moved our physical store to the Chelmswood Motel in Taupo. This came about after our old home and Lodge was closed by the property owners who were wishing to sell it. Some 14 months later the Lodge remains empty, unsold and a little sad and neglected. The opportunity for us to retire (maybe) came about with much sadness but we bounced back very quickly with a sweet little management position in Taupo. Offers to move elsewhere around the country were extremely tempting but we felt like we couldn't leave Taupo just yet.

Twelve months later we are settled at the Chelmswood Motel and have our store just about the way we envisioned. I have retail stock on display and have all of the materials we need in place to continue turning out our premium flies for a while to come yet. Our material stock has just grown exponentially after being gifted a lifetime supply of feathers and furs from my mentor Niven Murch of Rakaia. Niven has always wanted to pass on his studio to me and I finally relented after our holiday with him just prior the Christmas. 

Over the coming months, we will also be displaying Niven's cane rod collection which include some Edgar Sealeys, Allcocks, and Horricks-Ibbitson. They join my Hogarth (1946) and they are all in great condition.

We have lost count of the number of flies that we now have in our range and we will continue to introduce new variants as time goes on. Last year we had some interesting requests for custom ties and we are happy to take on the challenge. The long awaited trend towards smaller flies is growing momentum and this is quite pleasing. The best practise of going smaller is proving effective in the Taupo waters and we are happy to tie the smaller nymphs in particular.

Get in touch if you want to chat about your needs and we look forward to helping out.

Rich at Silvereye Flies